Activity in this area?


Like a lot of people I’m sure, we are receiving offers to buy our (small) mineral rights several times per week and that leads me to believe there is either current or upcoming activity in the specific area.
Any information on drilling, or acceptable values to actually sell, are appreciated.
I own the following:

  1. 4.4 nma sub block 4, N/2 of section 270, block 13, Toyah Valley Grape & Alfalfa Co Subdivision, Reeves Co. This was leased in Nov. '17 for $44,400.00, 25%
  2. 1.111 nma Block 3, (NW/4 NE/4) of the Toyah Valley Grape & Alfalfa subdivision os section 270, block 13, H&GN RR Co survey. Currently leased as well, for 3889.89, 25%.

Thank you.


Nobody has any info? We’re considering selling a part but would like to know a bit more about how close the drill rigs are.


There aren’t any permits involving your tracts yet but there are some nearby. Rosetta Resources has some permits in the two sections to your west but they haven’t been drilled yet. Oxy has a couple in the area as well. I’m not real familiar with values in that area but am guessing at least $20k per acre.


Thank you, that’s very helpful info.