Activity in TH Borden A-16 area?

Hello all-

I discovered that I inherited a small amount of mineral rights in Washington County - when two different "royalty partner" firms sent me offers to buy the interests last week (!!). Interestingly, for the exact same purchase, one offered 3x the other.

I am interested in finding out what's going on in my specific area. It is in the Thomas H Borden survey A-16, at the intersection of 390 & 1697. I've looked at the TX RR Commission website, but honestly, I can't make heads or tails of what's there. Any information would be most appreciated. I'm probably not interested in selling, but I think it would be smart to get more info.


- Katie

Hello Katie,

GeoSouthern has an approved permit as of March 5, 2018 for a horizontal well(API 477-31068) to start in A-85 and end in A-16, Austin Chalk is the target formation. The well is permitted for 14,000'.;jsessionid=...GeoSouthern and Wildhorse Resources have approved permits in this area. There are some FANTASTIC gas wells with condensate in this area.

GIS Map of Washington County A-16 and surrounding area:


Production Data on GeoSouthern well(477-31042)Lease 281747/well #1H(nearby):

Clint Liles

Like Clint's map shows, Borden A-16 is in the middle of a bunch of activity.

Geosouthern and Wildhorse initially drilled single wells with one horizontal leg that were a couple of miles either side of Burton, but all their recent permits show at least two, and in some cases four, wells to be drilled from each of their future pad sites. Geosouthern is about to finish work on a big pad just passed the junction of 1697 and 2768 and another one on 2502 just east of 290.

I'm assuming your mineral interest is already under lease, but if not both those companies would be interested. Definitely wouldn't sell unless I had to.

Thank you so much for the info. You guys rock.

I'm not aware that the mineral interest is currently under lease. I hate to sound dense, but how would I find that out? I just received a couple of unsolicited letters to purchase the rights (which I don't plan to sell) - I was actually confused by the letters because I didn't even realize I had mineral rights there (I was only aware of mineral rights in Lee county - which is a whole other discussion). After visiting the Washington county courthouse, it was discovered that a deceased uncle held a mineral rights deed - that none of us knew about! I'm sure this is not an uncommon story ;-)

Questions, did the mineral deed to your uncle transfer the full mineral interest in the Burton property to him, or just a partial interest, and if it was the full mineral interest did you inherit all of that interest, or did part of his interest transfer to someone else?

Did the two companies that contacted you about buying that mineral interest find you through something recorded in the deed records showing the transfer of your uncle's mineral interest to you?

If the checking you did in the deed records in Washington County didn't turn up any leases your uncle had signed covering that property before he died then whatever part of that interest you inherited must not be leased.

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Thanks Dusty! Message sent

What firms are sending offers?

Lone Oak & Triple Crown Acquisitions

Side note: They were offering to purchase my non-participating mineral interests. Ironically, Triple Crown offered triple what Lone Oak offered.