Activity in T5N R64W Section 18

My family has mineral interests in T5N R64W Section 18 and I am wondering what companies have production nearby. Anyone know?

Is there current drilling nearby?


After a quick look, there is current Codell production in the vicinity and in Section 18. The wells are relatively small but the good news for you is that the presence of Codell in contact with the Niobrara will get attention eventually. The drilling permits are over 2+ years old and some plugging permitters have been granted a few miles to the NE. PDC has taken some longer term leases to the West several miles and is also the operator of the Codell wells in your area.

If you haven't struck a deal with PDC, and have over 100 net acres, you would be well advised to approach them with a long term deal that fits your needs. Also Check out the swap between Anadarko (Kerr McKee) and Noble last fall. It may have included your area and will tell you who the big player will be there.

If you haven't leased, be careful to get what you want because the next lease may be your last as you are in an area that will eventually be exploited. Having defensible title will also be a good investment for the future.