Activity in sections my family owns

My family owns 16 sections in Blocks 13, 55 and C-15. We have leased this property to Apache. Can anyone tell me whether Apache's announced intentions to drill in Reeves will affect our interests?

Hi Loree -

We will need the specific Sections in each of the Blocks to research your properties. The Blocks themselves might be 50 square miles each - way too broad a set of areas to give you any meaningful information.

If the Sections are all identified in your Lease, you can scan and attached it if that would be simpler for you.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Charles,

Thank you for your reply. Its pretty simple, a bit over 9,800 gross acres.

Blk 13, Sections 83,85,86

Blk 55, Section 1

Blk C-15, Sections 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,25 all. Section 2 East 1/4 (480 ac); Section 3 East 241.8 ac

I also am a leaser to Apache. Section 39 13 A 464 20 AC of family 60 AC. How do I find out about activity and any planned activity? Thanks,

Melissa Avery

Oops, sorry. Just realized a typo - we do not Section 1 in Blk C-15

Melissa, is that Section 39, Block 13A? Or Section 39, Block 13, Abstract 464?

And where is your family's 60 acres in the Section?

Loree -

Please download and save the attached. These are Items 01. through 03. of five items of information that I am sending you, so you will be receiving the final two in a separate response.

The Wells I have included information on are the four (4) Wells that Apache has Permitted just to the north of your ranch, or at least where I have guestimated your ranch is.

The Well to the east was a very expensive Dry Hole (no production at all), which is not a good sign.

One of the Wells up to the north, just west of Balmorhea Lake is listed as Drilling In Progress. It reached it's Production Interval last December, however, so I'm not sure if that means that Completion has not yet been attempted or that is was at least initially unsuccessful.

The other Well up by the lake appears to have not yet been Spudded in (the actual drilling has not yet commenced).

The Well that is closest to your lands is the Ortler No. 1H. It was Spudded in April 14th of this year and reached it's Production Interval on May 2nd. But again, it's Completion was either not successful or has not yet been attempted.

The Ortler No. 1H is the one to watch. If it is a Dry Hole, your ranch might be toast.

I'll set up an Alert on DrillingInfo for any updated information on it and will let you know if I ever hear anything more about it.

You are also welcome to touch bases with me from time to time for additional updates on any activities in the surrounding area.

Hope this helps -



2 of 2

Items 04. and 05. attached.

669-04.4238935100MATTERHORNNO1DRYHOLE.pdf (560 KB) 670-05.4238935175ORTLERNO1HNOTYETCOMPLETED.pdf (541 KB)

Section 39 block 13A 464 . We have the eastern half

Melissa -

Please see the attached map and table of Apache Wells in your area. Your 1/2 Section is outlined in BLUE.

I will send you the more detailed files on the Wells if you would like but thought the attached map and table would give you enough information to get excited about.

I can tell you that it appears that they can fit 4 Wells in each Section of set of Sections, so the local hotels and restaurants are going to be full for years to come.

There have been at least 11 Wells Permitted by Apache in the area around Balmorhea, most in just the past few months. Of the 11 I have included in the table, 7 are listed as "Drilling in Progress", but none have been completed yet.

If you will check with me in another couple of months, I'll see if any of them have been completed.

With at least 7 Drilling Rigs so close to town, the people in Balmorhea must be able to read a newspaper outside at midnight without any other source of light!

Apache is investing millions of dollars in these Wells so they, at least, think you are in a great area.

Unless you have a family emergency or are trying to get someone through college or something, DO NOT SELL! And, if you do need to sell, don't sell all of your interest.



Thank you Charles for your help. Where do I find the map you are reverencing?

Look below my signature in the message I sent. You should see an attachment named 01. AREA WELLS - MAP & TABLE.pdf. Just click on it and save the map and table to a file.

If you can't find it, let me know and we'll think of another way to get it too you.

Also, go to Google or whatever Internet Search Engine you prefer and search for "Alpine High Apache". The maps and papers and presentations you will pull up should help you to understand what is happening in the overall area. Very exciting stuff!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope your team wins!

Thank you Charles for the information it has been a great help.


What is the update on the Spanish Trail well? It looks like it is now listed as dry, is that what is listed on drilling info when you look??

I appreciate any help,


See the attached. Have no clue as to why the 55 No. 1H has been Shut In after only 4 months.

You could try asking Apache. I'm sure they have a help line or website.