Activity in Sections 12 and 1, Twp 5N, 5w by Red Rocks Oil & Gas?


I’m a newbie. I’ve been getting documents about Red Rocks applying to drill a well called Bogey 2 this year and next a Bogey 3 in this area. Has anyone heard more about this? Where would I go on the OCC website to find out more? Thanks, Jim


Those documents actually tell you what you need to know. Read them carefully and save them. The two places on the OCC that you need to check are the OCC case files which have the digital copies of the documents you received, plus some of the displays will be in color instead of black and white.

The other site is the OCC well records site which will have all the information about the wells when they are posted. There is also another well called England which has been drilled.

You will also want the OK Tax site which will give production for 12 months.


Thank you for your information. I went to the OCC well records page and entered all the information I had on the England well in Grady County but came up with nothing. The operator, Red Rocks, says the well began producing last spring. I may not have enough information for the well records page. Here’s what I have: the legal location is 01-5N-05W, API 3505124339, Red Rocks operator # 22649, and the well name is England 1-12H.

I’m assuming all those numbers are correct. If not, I’d like to know where I may get the correct numbers. I wasn’t able to to fill out the boxes on the well records page for the form #, the district #, the Effective/Approved Date, and the Scan Date. I just want to see how the well has been doing since it began producing until now.

I also went to the OK Tax site , to their PUN page, and couldn’t open the files on my computer so I hit a brick wall there. I can download the files but they don’t open. This may be a simple navigation problem. Any suggestions for getting info on this page?


England 1-12H was considered active as of 11/1/18 on the Gross Production site.
well-England 1-12H production .pdf (37.0 KB)