Activity in Section 39 Block 42 PSL Reeves County

Anyone know about this area and drilling planned? KEW says they are leasing around here

Good Morning Brenda......check your legal description again....I find no Block 42 in Reeves County.

Clint Liles

Activity in Section 39 Blk 72 PSL Reeves County

I double checked - KEW Drilling wants to lease the entire 640 acres of Section 42, Block 72 PSL,

Reeves County, TX. They are also offering a lease for the adjacent section 39, Block 72, PSL, Reeves

County, TX

Upcurve Energy is permitting wells to east of Section 39 & 42, Block 72. E Storm State 33 1H well in Sections 33 and 36 started producing in September 2017 and lists IP of 736 bbl/day and 1973 mcf/day. KEW may be leasing for Upcurve or for another company. Cimarex has or had some leases in your area.

Do you see a Section 39 and Section 42 both in Block 72 PSL Reeves County? Know what production and leasing going on in that area?

Hello Brenda…I find your acreage now. I see the Horizontal gas well 32522(Luxe Operating) in section 39 going into section 42…I find no production data for Feb. or March 2018. In section 32 I find another horizontal gas well drilled by COG/began prod. in Aug. 2008 and is doing very well. To the East of your minerals a couple of miles is a oil/gas well(36015) drilled into the Wolfcmp formation and is a very good well/Upcurve Energy/began production in Sept. 2017. Link to production data on well 36015: GIS Map of Reeves County Section 39 & 42/Block 72 and surrounding area: