Activity in Section 34-7 & 8 N-4W

14 months ago, I leased my 5.2 acres (3/16th royalty) for three years to EOG Resources. Haven’t heard anything from them but have been getting various offers to purchase, the latest for $ 8,000 an acre. Any thoughts on selling or waiting would be appreciated.

Bill, which section in 8N-4W are you talking about ? 34 or 7?

Section 34-T8N-R4W and Section 34-T7N-R4W

Well results haven’t been exceptional down there. Pretty fair price. But again, all depending on your situation.

Hi Bill,

DON’t Sell! I have 20 NMA in Sec 34 8N 4W. Depending on where you are in the section there are various active vertical wells with infill location for the future ( such as Kirby #1, Givens 34-3,) But more significantly, Sec. 34 is part of a two section pooling (also Sec. 3 07N 04W) for the Native Exploration operated Charles 0334 #1 well. Surface location 02 07N 04W. This well was going to be operate by EOG and at the last minute Native and EOG made a deal to allow Native to operate. This well had first production 3/8/19. I have heard uncomfirmed reports of early production average 600 BOE/day. Of coarse they are trying to buy your interest!

Many thanks for the info, Ralph. Was inclined to hang in there, but now will for sure!