Activity in Sec 19 4N 3W

Checking on recent activity in Sec 19 4n 3w? Just inherited there and trying to do research.

If you just inherited, make sure that your title transfer documents are filed in the Garvin County Courthouse with your name and address so that landmen and attorneys can find you for any future drilling.

Depending upon your location in 19-4N-3W, you may have active wells with royalties. You need to contact SHERIDAN PRODUCTION COMPANY LLC 2100 ONE WILLIAMS CTR TULSA, OK 741720149

Ask them what they need in order to transfer the royalties to the heirs’ names.

At the moment, there are active vertical wells, but royalties will be dependent upon whether your acreage is in the spacing unit for those wells. There are horizontal wells surrounding your acreage, but none in that section yet.

Thanks M-Barnes: This stuff is new to me. Any way I could give you a call?

If you can ask a question in a general enough way that it would help everyone else, I will answer it here. Lots of folks have just inherited.

You will likely b instructed that a probate is needed. If so don’t freak out. These are usually fairly simple for the heirs.

We are going through probate and I have good contact with the companies that have been paying my Mom, but I believe based upon your previous post that Casillas may owe us some payments and not too sure what to do about that. Thanks

Contact Casillas and be ready with the decendent’s name, owner number if you have check stubs, well name if known and ask them what title information they will need to get into pay status.

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