Activity in S34-T2N-R4W?

Has there been any recent production or other activity in S34-T2N-R4W?

I have ownership here, there was a lease several years ago, then nothing.

My poking around suggests there were only ever two wells in this area.


There have been several wells in 34-2n-4w by Marathon & maybe Newfield. At least 5.

Robert05, I also only see two wells in 34-02N-04W. One is old and plugged in 1970, and the other is currently producing… api 35-137-27478, operated by Ovintiv, well named Mark 1H-27X. This is a bottomhole location so, it may not turn up on surface location searches.

The Marathon completions show 34-2n-4w, but should probably show 3N.

I discovered the lookup tool at Ok Corp. Commisison. So searched by section, township and range.

I see both “surface hole” and “bottom hole” options.

I’m still learning - presumably if a well bottoms under a parcel where I have mineral ownership, then that ought to be a parcel I could receive royalties on?


From the completion report 10.8% of the perforations are in Sec. 34. From order 663654 it appears that all of Sec. 34 is included for this allocation. If you have mineral ownership in Sec. 34, it seems like it is worth checking further.

Robert, you are correct. We have been owners in section 34 2n 4w since around 1968 and were owners when Marathon drilled the first well (vertical well). It first came out as a really good well (for the times) making I believe 70 barrels a day. It made the front page of the Duncan paper and said something about them going into an old hole and making a good well. We received I believe one check at that time and then the next thing we knew they were plugging it. Said something about it making too much salt water and not being feasible to produce. That was about 1970 I believe. Then for years and years nothing was drilled down in that section and our other sections in 2n 4w until the last boom hit and the SCOOP was discovered. As you probably know drilling went wild there. Our other sections got wells drilled on it before section 34 but they finally drill the Mark well which was drilled from a section or two north of 34 and ended only about 600 ft. into section 34 because of a fault that ran through that edge of the section they said. But some of the people in the know on this forum say there is plenty of room in that section for many more wells and with the price of oil going up and drilling starting to get going again we’re hoping for more wells on 34 2n 4w. They have just drilled two new wells on section 16 2n 4w which we have been told are very good wells.

Is there anything in 1S, 4W?

There are 36 sections? A very faulted area so the section is very important.

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