Activity in Richland County, Montana

I own the Mineral Rights to Township 25 North, Range 59 East MPM, Section 29: SE1/4 13.333 acres, Richland County, Montana. Is there any activities going on in this area? Any information would be appreciated.

PETRA0723113459.pdf (199.4 KB)

See the attached map. YOur minerals ar shown in yellow. There have been wells drilled all around you, most of them by Whiting and Kraken 6-7 years ago. I don’t know why you were passed over back then. Surely you were leased back then? Are you leased now?

Unfortunately, the wells around will not recover enough oil to be economic to drill at current oil prices.

Kraken is about the only company that continues to drill wells in this area. They have 8 wells permitted about three miles to the north of you, but I don’t know when or if they intend to drill them.

Hello Steve, Yes I have had it leased for the last 10 years. I keep getting offers to buy the mineral rights but I hesitate to do it. Thanks for the information. Gerald

Thanks, Steve, for posting the chart…Interesting to me as it shows a total of 5 horizontal wells on sec’s 6&7… Kraken’s RKT Carda 7-6 #1H on the far east side of 7&6 is producing and we have been receiving royalties for some time…we are believe that Kraken completed drilling the #2, 3 and 4H just as the oil price crash hit, however your chart shows 4 additional wells instead of 3…wonder if that is true?? Of course nothing is happening with those new wells I am sure, and who knows when anything will, if ever??

Actually the hollow well symbols indicate permits, not actual wells. So the only well I show in Secs 6-7 is the one on the far east.

Thanks so much for the chart showing my mineral acreage, I was never provided one. My sisters and I inherited from our grandmother 40 acres of mineral rights which had to be divided by 3 which gave us each 13.333 acres. Kracken has two more years on the lease I believe. Don’t know if the are going to extend the lease. My cousin who got 40 acres didn’t have to split and she sold for $2,000.00 per acre.