Activity in Mountrail County ND

Looking for any information on activity going on in Mountrail County ND. My minerals are 157-91-6 We have been contacted with an offer of $3,120 per acre to purchase our minerals. As that is not something I am considering, my question is if this might mean that there is some new activity on the horizon for us? thank you

I moved this over to Mountrail County for you. To get a better answer, you would have to give your section, township and range. In general, the Bakken is seeing an uptick in activity with improved pipeline capacity and rising product prices. Slows down in the winter due to weather, but spring, summer and fall bring the drilling season.

thank you I added my legals

Hess Bakken has three new wells posted in section 28-157N-91W.

Have you gotten any info on two wells called Stanley W 158-91-30-6 1MBHX and 1TFHX? Looks like they have a surface location in 30 and will land in 6. Permit was in July of 2018. Probably why you have the offer.

We have heard nothing. So what exactly does this mean for us? Are we suppose to be getting information on these wells? Also does it include all of section 6?


You probably won’t get anything on them, but you can look them up on the ND oil and gas site. Yes, all of 6.

Ok I’m confused they can drill through our section but we receive nothing?

It looks like there is a Liberty Resources drilled but uncompleted well with a bottomhole location in Sec. 6. Once they complete that well and turn it into sales, you should start receiving royalty income.

Thanks for responding. I found the info on oil and gas commission site. But when I pull up our section it doesn’t show the info. Is it because it’s not where the well was drilled and we are the leg part? I not sure if that is the correct language. Can you suggest how I should track this and should I be contacted at some point? Would you point me in the right direction?

Looked them up again and Liberty Resources them. The surface location is in 30-158N-91W, so you have to look them up there.
Here is the info (sorry, the paste messes up the tabs, but you can figure it out.)

File No API No Well Type Well Status Status Date DTD Location Operator Well Name Field

|35096|3306104247|OG|NC|9/7/2018| |LOT1 30-158-91|LIBERTY RESOURCES MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC|STANLEY W 158-91-30-6-1MBHX|KITTLESON SLOUGH| |35097|3306104248|OG|NC|9/24/2018| |LOT1 30-158-91|LIBERTY RESOURCES MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC|STANLEY W 158-91-30-6-1TFHX|KITTLESON SLOUGH| MBHX was spud on August 17, 2018. Not completed yet. (MB stands for Middle Bakken) It had a sidetrack. TFHX was spud on August 15, 2018. Not completed yet. (TF stands for Three Forks which is just under the Bakken) It had a sidetrack.

Takes a while to complete the wells if they choose to do so. ND is somewhat hampered by weather concerns at certain times of the year. Companies generally do not keep mineral owners in the loop on things. You just hear from them when they want to lease and when they need to pay you.

Thank you very much for the info

I was answering your question about you receiving any info. They are scarce on info to mineral owners. If they have perforations in your section, then you do get paid. Sorry about the confusion.

Anything going on in Mountrail sec. 155/91/ 10/11 I believe we have interests in that area. We are not from the area and certainly like learning from these conversations.

Looks like you have four producing horizontal wells since 2012 & 2014. Nothing new that I know about.

Thank you. I’ve been reading a lot of your comments, very informative. We have a pretty unique situation and have many old leases and deeds mostly in Texas. Some over 50 years old. No idea if they are good or not. Any suggestions to help us get started sorting them out? Thanks again.

Many families are in that situation. The first thing to do is to get them sorted. Get a bunch of file folders and a box. Sort them first by state, then by county, then by abstract if Texas or Township-Range-then section if in OK or a state with those (TX has some as well in the Panhandle).

Then get familiar with the Texas Railroad Commission website, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website ( or other states), the North Dakota website.

Systematically go through your tracts and put your legal papers at the back of your folder since they are the oldest and the most important. (We scan all of ours and put them in Dropbox so they are protected in the cloud.) Origination documents at the back like leases and probate documents, then we have a subfolder with lease offers and communications, then final leases.

Then in the lease folder, we put information we find on the wells such as permits, spud dates, completion reports and then finally Division Orders. Excel is my favorite software to keep lists in. NARO had a nice template for keeping track of your inventory. The file was in a pdf from their website, but we have a similar one in Excel. Wade Caldwell on the forum had designed it and put it on the NARO site.

Ask tons of questions. Check the unclaimed funds at the Treasurer’s sites in the states where you have minerals. Check to see if you owe taxes. That is a clue in Texas. If they are producing, you will get a tax bill.

Hello, My three siblings and I have equal share interest in minerals leased by Diamond Resources/Hunt Oil. Years ago they pooled several family leases into one this was done when my father inherited the land with mineral rights from his parents who have owned both since approximately 1927. I have a recent abstract title as we just sold the surface land after becoming weary of dealing with renters. I would like to make sure that we have all of our ducks in a row at this point but I have a nagging feeling we should have some kind of Mineral Certification or something. We have been receiving small royalties related to Meyer # 31-30H . I believe there is another well but I do not see it included on the Abstract of Title. Your thoughts? NW 1/4 SECTION 33, TOWNSHIP 155, RANGE 89. Should I have an attorney review?

Meyer 1-31-30H is located in sections 30 & 31. There is another well the Meyer 2-31-30H also in 30 & 31. No wells in 33. Might not hurt to get an attorney to look at your deed and make sure that you did not sell the mineral rights when you sold the surface. There is another well in 32 & 29 called the McAlmond 1-32-29H

You said several leases. Did you have acres in 30, 31, or 32 as well as 33? They may have leased them all on the same form (not a good idea).

Was trying to figure out if 33 was somehow attached to the wells in 31 & 31.