Activity in Love County?

Has anyone received offers to lease near Section 32-T6S-R3E? I received what seems to be a low offer on behalf of Charter Oaks.

First time on here… I didn’t get a lease offer from Charter Oak and they drilled a well that is producing (named Matador I believe). I was told by a man at Charter Oak that I missed out and won’t make any money from it. I have one lease I signed with them on another section and I assumed the notices of hearings with the OCC was regarding that land. I definitely learned my lesson the hard way!! I have no idea why they didn’t send me a lease on this one since they have my name and address on the other one. Cynthia, if you have a lease on this, congratulations! I know this is an old post and it’s been producing for some time - but shouldn’t I still get a small amount?