Activity in Kingfisher County

Any activity 29-17-8 Santa Anna 1H 29k and 17-16-8 Dan1H29K in Kingfisher County

What exactly do you want to know? You can monitor activity at the OCC well records site. Search by the surface location.

If you are a mineral owner, you should be getting the OCC mailings for the increased density hearings. (Santa Anna). The 17 & 20-16N-8W doesn’t have any increased density at the moment, but surrounded by sections that do.

Thank you- received notice of intent to drill several months ago from Newfield then heard a rumor that Newfield had changed hands- haven’t heard anything since- will check the site you listed-

Newfield was bought by Encana, so things may slow down a bit during the handover. Checks for royalties from existing wells are still coming, but with both names on them for now.

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