Activity in Hughes County

Does anyone know of any activity going on in the area of Section 26, 09N, 10E?

JoAnn Wilson

I too have a question about ACTIVITY in HUGHES COUNTY , i.,e.,S21-07N-10E as i have been advised by the driller that my well the DORA has been "SHUT-IN." The Operator is PETROQUEST. I have made inquiries via OCC As to just what is going on to STOP the flow of plentiful GAS. I have been given conflicting information from two when, and if you or anyone else have ANY NEW INFORMATION on activity in our areas of interest I would appreciate your communication. ..........Leta

Thanks Leta for your response! This is ALL new to us...We have 17.50 net mineral acres in this tract (family since 1920's). Last known activity based on family documents indicated an oil/gas lease loan sometime in 2002. In early July, my husband's cousin received a call from a broker, PaladinGroup on behalf of Calyx Energy Group. She indicated to the broker that none of us are knowledgeable and would need to do research before signing an agreement. Well, a couple days later she received an oil/gas lease quote. She resides in AZ and we are in KS. I have all the documentation from the inception of the purchase of land in our possession. I was contacted by the broker last Friday and he indicated to me that the Calyx Energy Group sent out a certified letter Forced Pooling. However, we never received it as it was sent to my husband's parents old address in MO and never forwarded or returned (we sold that property 1.5years ago). From what I was told with regards to the pooling, they are looking at 2 Section Unit Horizontal Wells on 1,288 in this area. Who sends out a Forced Pooling letter, the broker's company or the company they are working on behalf of? Since we did not receive the letter (only informed by the broker) do they resend another certified letter to correct address? Thanks, JoAnn!

Hi JoAnn,

I am 'not' knowledgeable enough to answer your question re "forced pooling," however, there are talented and knowledgeable persons on this forum that helped bring me out of "oil & gas darkness." Their names are as follows: M BARNES, and Wesley Skinner. I would still be groping in the darkness had it not been for them. Click on the Group link for HUGHES COUNTY, and read any responses from those two. HUGHES formations have lots of Gas. I am 'hoping ......watching.......looking.......and listening' for any and all new information that tells me my well---the Dora, will be allowed to pump Gas again. The formations of WOODFORD, SYLVAN, MISSISIPPIAN, is rich with Gas......My well the "DORA" can still produce, but, the driller PetroQuest has done a "SHUT-IN." I will not bore you with what I have been told is the rationale for the SHUT-IN. I just want them to get off the "tack" and allow her to produce again. I have only had one ROYALTY CHECK .....then it stopped, so I started digging for info. When I signed my lucrative lease my bonus was $1100.00 bucks per net mineral acre. That did 'NOT' hurt my feelings. It was sweet!. I know a 3rd person to tell you for help in the forum, but I must research my HYDROCARBON file. Please keep all of us informed on your findings re Hughes County...........Leta

Thanks again for the information/contacts. I have been researching and getting myself informed as much as possible....after reading articles/youtube videos, etc., got in touch with Oklahoma Corp. Commission to find out about the Forced Pooling letter (which we never received) and was told the letters sent were informing of Petition Application stage with hearing set for the end of this month. To be continued.... Thanks again, JoAnn