Activity In East Area of Howard County

Greetings & Happy Holidays,

Does anyone have any idea of what activity is going on in the area of the below sections in eastern Howard County?

  1. Legal: T1N BLK 31 SEC 11 Lease: BUCHANAN 3111 I

  2. Legal: T1N BLK 31 SEC 29 Lease: WYNN 29

  3. Legal: T1N BLK 31 SEC 25 Lease: BUCHANAN 25

  4. Legal: T1N BLK 31 SEC 28 Lease: WYNN FARMS 28


There isn't much activity around those areas just yet. Hannathon has 2 wells being completed just to the west of Section 11. Other than that there is a producing well from Legacy on Section 27 but that dates back to 2006 and it is mainly a gas well. Hope this helps.

338-Howard_31_T1N_Map.pdf (1.2 MB)