Activity in Cherokee County

I inherited mineral rights and have found paperwork where my grandmother had received royalties in the past. Can someone tell me if there is activity on the following?

Lease Name: Boyce Survey: S Vela

Lease Name: Boyce Survey: S P. Tumlinson

Lease Name: N. Pettus Unit N-20 North Pettus Unit (Goliad County)

I also had information regarding N. Pettus in Bee County.

I filed the property documentation in each of the counties for tax purposes, but do not have information on the operator, if any.

Thank you for your assistance.


Hey Charlsey,

Do you have a Section, Block or Abstract # to add to your descriptions?

Clint Liles

Sorry to post this to Cherokee County. I just found a survey # over in Goliad County discussion forum A-337 referencing S Vela Survey that may help with my question regarding Boyce and N. Pettus.

Did you receive my long detailed post? Its not showing up and I am unsure of where it might have gone.

Thank you



I did receive your Private Message and have sent you 2 Messages. Check your INBOX.

Clint Liles