Activity in Canadian County Section 2 T13N R9W

We've been notified that Chaparral Energy plans to drill on our property, but we've not received a great deal of detail except an "intent to drill".

Where can we go to to find all the facts?

You should be receiving notices from Chaparral and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. 201706780 Location Exception 201706779 Horizontal 201801573 Pooling (if you have not leased and are not held by production) 201801572 Location Exception-this might be slightly different from the first one. I didn’t read it all. When these are approved, a permit will be submitted which you can also look up at the OCC. You will most likely get a lot of offers to buy. Considering the multiple wells that are being drilled all around you, do not consider them until you get fully informed and you will probably decide to keep your minerals.

Thank you for the information, what will I need to have to look this up on the OCC?

Google: Oklahoma Corporation Commission, then Conducting Business tab, then Imaged Documents. Pick the OAP option and type in the case numbers to get all the documents that go with them. You should have them mailed to you. If not, then you need to make sure the attorney for the cases has your correct address and that it is also in the county courthouse for Canadian County.

Read over the last six months of discussions on the forum to get used to the information flow, what is going on, etc. Read the blogs. Also go on the web and look up the investor presentations for Chaparral Energy, Devon Energy, Cimarex, etc. to see what their plans are, their maps, their pitches for money from investors. Know who you are dealing with! If you do not have clear title, then use this time to make it so. If you inherited by a clear will from OK, then you should be okay. If you inherited by a will in another state, you have to file a foreign probate in OK. That means that you have to have the out of state will filed in OK and you will need an attorney to do that. If the person died and you have an affidavit of heirship, that may not be enough. Just some things to think about.

Thank you for the insight, it is greatly appreciated!!