Activity in block 56

Our trust owns mineral rights in block 56, section 16 and 6, currently leased to Cimarex and BHP. Cimarex has indicated expected activity for 2017. Would appreciate any current information. Thank you!

Alton the last activity I find in this are is about 1 mile to the South of Section 16. Atlantic Resources Co. has submitted a permit(pending approval/July 24, 2017) for a Wolfcamp well(API 389-36187)

To the west about 3 miles Atlantic Resources Co. has an approved permit(API 389-36178) to drill but now they are trying to get an amendment to the permit approved.

There are some very good wells in this area. Some of the producers in this area are EOG, PDC Permian and Atlantic Resources.

GIS Map of Reeves Co. Section 6 & 16/Block 56 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Appreciate you !

Any new activity at all in 56-6 for BHP? Just received an offer from Stag for my share of the mineral rights