Activity in area?


Is there any activity going on here, and if so, what?

11.52667 Net Acres of the E/2NW/4NE/4; 21.55 acres of the SW/4NE/4; 23.63 acres of the NE/4NE/4 and 3.98 acres of the SE/4NE/4 of Section 13, T-19-S, R-26-E, N.M.P.M., Eddy County, New Mexico containing 69.16 acres, more or less.

Please advise and thanks!


Looks like only two plugged wells from the early 1900s in Sec 13 T19S R26E but there is a ton of activity including a lot of permitting NW of you in sections 8-10 & 2-4 in that T and R. Most look to be with COG Operating. May be worth contacting them about your MI.


Others may jump on here with a better geologic evaluation, but these lands are located on what’s known as the Shelf. It is outside of the core activity going on in the Delaware Basin. There are a few operators like COG and EOG who actively pursued development in the Yeso formation in this area. Typically, this area drops in activity when oil prices drop, but there is still certainly some activity in the area.