Activity in 7-8S-3E

Would anyone happen to know if there is any exploration or drilling activity in sec.7 town. 8 south, range 3 east.

No drilling yet, but several companies are doing some leasing in section 7. R D Williams and Trailhead Exploration.

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That’s my legal description. Had lots of letters wanting to buy my minerals. But that’s it so far.

Looks like someone is getting leasing and buying tidied up in order to drill. Any time I get lots of offers to buy, I assume they know something I do not know and figure they would make a profit off of buying from me. I hold on and wait for royalties. My guess would be future horizontal drilling.

Thank you so much. We had an offer to sell but we didn’t.

My hole family will never sell. We have 40 acres and there 5 of us

At 40 acres, you have a nice percentage. Hang on and see what happens in the next year or so.

Joseph who was your family in that area


Remember “never” is a long time. My guess is there is a “price” that some or all of your family members would sell. As the pieces get smaller with the next generation, who knows- right?

Todd M Baker

Not my family. Where Goldmans we hold out. Rich or broke.