Activity in 6-6n-3w

I’m looking for anyone else who is keeping up with the activity in this section. I’m afraid I don’t understand all of the legal maneuvering going on, but would love to hear from others with an interest here.

Warwick-Bacchus and US Drilling plan to drill at least two more Mississippian Shale wells and four more Woodford Shale wells. Hard to tell if that means eight total wells or just six wells. At the moment, the SixKiller 7-6-0603 1WXH has been spud in Section 7 going north into 6. When they do the hearing for the additional wells, they will submit a map and Estimated Ultimate Recoveries. Good for You!

Thank you SO MUCH for your response. Do you have an y suggestions on how to keep up with progress on these wells? I have no idea on how to monitor what/when/how/how much payments should start to arrive. I guess i’d just like to be able to self audit a little.

Thank you, again.

You can watch the activity on the OCC well records site.

You may have to type in 0706N03W since the surface location is in 7. The case paperwork that you will get will tell you which wells will spud in which section.