Activity in 4 Sections?

I am seeking information on 4 sections in Pottawatomie County: Section 1-7N-4E was leased to SPS but I don’t believe they ever drilled on the property. Never received any royalties. Section 9-9N-5E I know nothing about. Section 16-7N-4E was known as Richardson B Section 20-7N-5E I know nothing about.

Thanks for any help or enlightenment

Not sure about your leasing timing, but the Barrow #7 is the only producing well and is in the NW4. Drilled 1979. You would have to have your acres lie within the spacing unit to received any royalties.

Lots of activity in 9-9N-5E- depends upon where your acreage is whether you would be involved. This may be part of a unit. You probably need to research this one further.

Some production and activity. It would depend upon the legal location of your acreage.

[quote=“Joseph_E_Kirkbride, post:1, topic:39113”] Section 20-7N-5E I [/quote] Same thing. Some production, but depends upon acreage.

Did you just inherit? I can point you in the right direction for where to look up some things.