Activity in 2S 4W

We have been receiving offers to purchase our mineral rights recently. I would like to know how to access what activity is currently in this area. We have been leasing to Citation Oil for Gas for many years, but have recently received much more interest the purchase of this area. Also, is there somewhere to check all mineral rights in Oklahoma that we have? Any information would be a great help as I am very new to this. Thank you!.

I forgot to mention that it is Section 5, my apologies.

Cheryle, everyone who has mineral rights in the SCOOP is receiving offers to buy their royalties. This area is on fire with activity right now, and there is no one on this forum that would recommend you sell your minerals. I have royalty in 1S 4W that I having been receiving payment from Citation for that has been producing since the 40's. Most of the activity is north of us right now in 2N 4W and surrounding area- but, it's my understanding they are headed our way (south). There is a ton of information out there on the activity in this area, but best info is right here on the forum. When I first started researaching, I simply Googled "south central Okla Oil Province (SCOOP). I was overwhelmed with info and that is how I found this forum which has some very knowledgable people constantly offering input. Stick around and you'll be enlightened. Citation offered me $4000/acre for my interest that they hold with production several months ago. I personally am gonna stick around for the ride. Good luck

Cheryle, do you not know where you potentially have other royalty in OK?

Cheryle Norris said:

I forgot to mention that it is Section 5, my apologies.

Cheryle, do you not know if you have royalty in other areas of OK? Is that your question-How can you find out?

Yes, It is understood by several other family members that there other mineral rights that we own, but have not been notified. They may be in areas that are not so wrought with activity. I thought that maybe there was a link to the records department of Stephens county, but I had no success. On the activity, when looking at “The Scoop” it seemed our area was more on the fringes of the activity, but by what you said, that may not hold true for long. I will now put my research in this area. Thank you so much! As far as the forum, it is very informative and provides many links. I am sure I am going to find in invaluable!

I'm a bit south of you in 13 - 3S - 4W. Continental Resources just renewed my lease which they obtained for $75 dollars for a three year lease in 2009 and the contract allowed them to renew it for $100 for three years. Since signing, I have received an offer for $1000 per acre for the mineral rights and just received another call from a Jack Fork person who said that he cannot purchase but "knows" some people who can and he would talk with them. I am inclined to accept the $1000 per acre offer, regarding that as a sure thing rather than a loto ticket for maybe much more, much least my heirs may get more.....or else nothing. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Wade Johnsn