Activity in 19N - 17W

I am a mineral rights owner in the Russell well being drilled by Tapstone in section 17. Is anyone in the forum involved with the Howard well in section 5 or Carter well in section 29 that were drilled by Tapstone in 2015. I am wondering things like how long did it take to start receiving royalty checks, whether multiple horizontal wells may be drilled in each section, etc.

I am not in either well you mentioned but I am in another Tapstone well in Dewey County. I have never seen a company start paying royalties as quickly as Tapstone. Most companies wait the full six months after first production to commence paying royalties. I believe Tapstone started with 60 days after completion.

We have minerals in Dewey County!! Is our location anywhere near your production ! We have had a few offers to purchase our mineral rights ! Section 10. Twownship 18 N. Range 20 W !! A reply will b appreciated. !!

Thanks much Victor. Great news to hear.

You would be a couple of townships over so not too close. Sorry, don’t have any knowledge of activity in that area. I did check the OCC website and doesn’t look like any recent permits to drill have been issued. I know in my area lots of offers to buy mineral rights are occurring and the price being offered have gone up considerably.