Activity in 16-21N-15W

I had a call from a landman this morning. He offered $1500/3 yr/3/16ths. Anyone have any info on what top dollar lease amounts are in this area? Any info appreciated.


Susan Coolen

Susan, I think you probably own this royalty under the ground that I own all surface and what royalty your ancestor didn’t get from my ancestor. I had an offer which has been rescinded in the same amount as your offer. The sec 16 has a spacing of 80 acres. And as you probably know the well that was producing on “our” 80 has been plugged by Linn co. There is seismic graphing activity in the area at this time. I have not had any inquiries recently. Stan Strecker

Thanks for your reply Stan! The offer was recinded about 3 days later. Hopefully something will pop up after they’ve done some investigation? Susan

Any information on activity in Sections 29 and 32 Township 20 North and Range 16 West…I understand the Guffy well was drilled with the horizontal covering parts of both sections but I don’thave any initial production data or know when the checks will start . any help is greatly appreciated. thank you

Guffy 32-1H was Spud 1-8-18.

It was listed as active on the OTC website on 7/15/18, so you will probably not see a Division Order until about November or December. First payment is due to you six months after first sales, so about January or so. (Depends on the operator’s check cutting date). I do not see a completion or any numbers on production yet. Usually takes about four months after completion for them to post them.

Great information I will pass sit on thank you again

Stan, I just received a call from someone at Osage Oil & Gas. Offer $1500-3/16ths-3yr or $1000-1/5-3yr. Paperwork in the mail. Have you heard anything? This is 16-21n-15w Thanks Susan

Stan!!! The same person is trying to get hold of YOU! See above post! I can send you her number…


Sandridge pooled Sec 23 & 26 in Early 2018 for $2550 3/16ths, $2500 1/5

Thanks …Is it worthwhile to hold out for pooling? Susan

It depends. There is nothing wrong with pooling. I just posted them so you will know that it is okay to ask for more. You can come back and tell them that you know what the nearby pooling are and you expect them to be a bit more competitive. Do not sign the lease they offer first as it will need negotiations on some of the clauses that are negative for the mineral owner. Settle on your bonus/royalty first, then negotiate on the lease clauses.

sorry about delayed reply… No, I have had no direct inquiries as to leasing. Thanks for the heads up… There is a well staked in sec 9 ( next sec to north) to be drilled one mile horizontal. Located on my brothers land and location is under way dirt wise It should not be long until started drilling under 9 on first well. Location has approval from brother for 2 wells not knowing which way next well will go if at all. I would be hesitant on this offer but i have different circumstances due to oil co plugging last producing well on this 80 acre. Be sure to insist on NO charges for post production charges eg. transportation, compression, gathering, processing and any other charge similar.

The lady that called here said she was trying to reach you and wondered if we were related due to the location! LOL You can reach her at 405-820-0290. Are you talking about the Linn well that was capped? Susan

So what should I be changing in the lease? All I have to add is Exhibit A Thanks Susan