Activity for section 6, 7n-8w

I'm new on the site (hello, everybody) and new to this whole business. My family has owned land and mineral rights to 6.125 acres within the above description, and have not heard from anybody for years--until the last six weeks. Now I've received two offers, and family members who own adjacent properties are making deals left and right! Is there some great reason for this?

The offer we're most interested in is from David Schultz of K-Rock Properties of Norwich Petroleum. Does anybody know of this outfit, and would $1,000 an acre with 1/4% seem too high for us to hold out for? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!


Jay, you'll need to put a county and state name in your title for anyone to be of help to you.

Thanks, Kenny, for your response. The property is in Grady County, Oklahoma. I meant to post the question on that specific site--I have no idea what I'm doing:)