activity for/near Section 11, Block 3, H&GN Survey

hello, we have not been following the forum recently nor area news near our property.

does anyone have news of activity for/near Section 11, Block 3, H&GN Survey?

we have held off 'tween leasing and selling and now have decided to lease and are seeking current news.

thank you.

Richard, I don't see any new approved drilling locations in Section 11 but I see 2 producing wells in Section 11. Numerous producing wells around the area.

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 11/A-51/Block 3/H & GN Survey:


Clint Liles


is there any reason so many more wells are on the north and east side of the pecos than on the south and west is this area??

now i learn the operator of the two existing wells wants to drill three laterals and into the wolfcamp below the tvd of the two existing wells which are bone springs [i think]. this means they will be drilling into an area we have not leased out. we are talking about approx 24 acres undivided under the section.

in other words, there was a vertical pugh clause on the original lease and now they say they are planning drilling into an area not leased from us. so i have a few questions:

1) there are no permits issued on this property - how quickly can an operator get a permit? is it simply a matter of filing paperwork or are there inspections involved or what?

2) logistically [a real open ended question this is] how quickly can an operator drill after getting a permit? in other words, i don't quite know the procedure. do they just move a rig out there and start digging or are there other time consuming procedures required before drilling but after a permit is issued?

3) i assume they don't need us to lease - something called 'carrying' which if that is the case what should we do? i looked it up on the internet and am not quite sure of its real world implications compared to the definitions given. anyone can respond and tell what they would do (or not do).