Activity close to 35-17N-O4E and 24-17N-O4E?

Could someone help me with what’s going on in 35-17N-O4E and 24-17N-O4E? Have leased these to Calyx about a year ago. Also, someone sent me an offer to Purchase for $700 per acre nma and it sounds a little low. Thanks for the help!

would appreciate knowing your experience with Calyx...I have been contacted by the Title company representing them regarding an area in Payne County..thx

It does sound a little low. On one section alone I've received offers ranging from $800 per nma to $1,800 per nma. I don't plan to ever sell but I'll lease to anyone interested. I've found Calyx to be a good company to deal with and I've received my checks regularly.

35-17N-O4E ? What county? I don't find this in Payne.