Activity based on legal description

I’m in Utah but inherited mineral rights in Ellis Co. Oklahoma. Is there a way for me to enter in the legal description to find out if there is any activity there (permits and/or drilling)?

I’m interested in finding a buyer and would like to know what’s happening in the area so I can figure out the value.

Thank you

@ymart626, here is link that shows the active wells and permits with a given section-township-range:

There is increasing activity in certain parts of Ellis. If you want to share the section, township and range, we can look up the area for you.

It’s Section 29, TS 23N, R 23W. I could see inactive wells, but not sure that any indicator of what’s happening in the ground. I also have jo idea how/where to find a buyer.

Maybe donating to a charity if they aren’t worth much now? Assuming I would need to contact an attorney?

Thank you!

Buyers are mostly interested in royalties. Charities would also like royalties. An attorney or CPA may be able to direct you to the right path. The majority of the current horizontal permits are in the southern part of Ellis right now.