Activity around H&GN RR Survey #64, Block 13 Reeves County, TX

Hi, Any hope of any activity around this area?

H&GN RR Survey #64, Block 13 Reeves County, TX

Thanks in advance.

If you can provide a more specific legal description (preferably the abstract number), then I could look it up for you on the RRC’s GIS. Block 13 is quite large and some parts receive a lot more interest/activity than others.

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Assume you are talking about Blk 13, Section 64 rather than Survey 64. Here’s the Railroad Commission map of that area that shows Apache has a number of wells permitted about 3 miles to west and one that permitted about a mile to the east. Don’t see that any of those wells have been drilled so far.

Thank you very much Dusty1. Appreciate your help.


I’m in section #39 block 13. Is there any indication of activity there? Thanks for your help.


Here is current RRC map of that area with Section 39 highlighted in blue. Looks like Apache has a lot going on in the adjoining sections north of it but nothing permitted in 39 yet.

Thanks for your help dusty I saw on the gis map that the south east side of section 40 is having some kind of construction.

How about section 59 block 13. Any activity?