Activities in Sec 12-13-4n-6w


Has any one seen any thing happens in Sec 12 or 13 got mail yesterday said they were going drilling new wells there


Rig is moving in… looks like they will be drilling 3 wells from this location…


Thanks Don must think something there with drilling this number of wells


There is probably another location east over the hill where they will be drilling 3 more wells. The county road was so rough after all the rain and truck traffic that I turned around. I look for another rig to show up as soon as it finishes where it is at.


Rig is up… view from my dad’s place looking south 2 miles …


Still no reply from Gulfport on 12X13 4N 7W Anyone else heard anything. First production I think was in May 2018.


looks like the CLEBURNE 7R-12X13H has been on since May 2018, but Gulfport is no longer the operator - The well was transferred to Camino in July - so you probably need to reach out to them. I have attached the well transfer form available on the OCC website.

Date Monthly Oil (bbl) Monthly Gas (Mcf) Monthly Water (bbl) Avg Daily Oil (bbl) Avg Daily Gas (Mcf) Avg Daily Water (bbl) Wells Days
05-2018 0 127,626 0 0 4,117 0 1
06-2018 0 395,947 0 0 13,198 0 1
07-2018 0 364,559 0 0 11,760 0 1

005646D7.pdf (2.1 MB)


Wow Thanks. I need to look into this. I think we might have a check due!!


Completion reports run four months late on the OCC. So unless someone is a working interest owner, you may not hear anything until the Division Order comes out at about five months. Should be soon! Now that Camino has it, there may be more of delay due to paperwork handover. They are supposed to pay six months after first sales, so if they are late, you will get paid and then an interest payment, so a win win.


Thanks Martha, Good to know. It has been a long haul and it doesn’t seem to be a very good well from the production numbers that are posted so far.


Don just on east side of entrance is a location being built has not been gravel yet. Do you think they will have two rig there or just use one


David, I am not sure about the location, but I expect another rig will be there to drill the other 3 wells.


Thanks that is good wonder why they are drilling so many is that common


It is common to drill infill wells if the first horizontal well is economic and will not recover the reserves efficiently in the section. The drainage pattern of a typical horizontal well is shaped someone like a cigar with pinched ends and only extends out about 300-400 feet in diameter, so they line them up like cigars to get the most drainage.


A 2nd rig has moved in just to the east of the 1st rig. It’s lights are on tonight.


Does anyone know the status of the wells in Sec 12and13 4n6w dale 1-6


I do not see a Dale 1-6. I see two Miller wells which spud in 12 # 8 and #2. Miller 8-12X13H is finished. Completion report is posted in section 12. I see two Dale LS wells so far # 2 and #3. SL in 13. Also a Dale 3-13X12 H. Only two have spud in very late December and early Jan.