Active wells?

Where do I reference to learn what wells are currently pumping in a specific county???

I'm receiving income from an active well but I don't know how to track it down??? Any help out there??? I have the 'Legal Description' and 'Name' of the well....


You can go to the North Dakota Industrial Commission website, use the sidebar listing on the left to access limited information on wells. By "limited", you cannot access production numbers unless you subscribe to the publication by the NDIC. On their website, you can access the information for each "field" such as the names of the wells and their "Township/Range/Section". Also, the GIS map will show the location of the well and surrounding wells when you enter the T/R/S. Again, you must subscibe to NDIC publication which will cost you a fee in order to get any production info.

Not sure what state, but there is an article on the home page with a list of Internet sources. has data for several states. Production data does cost, but is relatively inexpensive compared to other sources.