Active well statics for Oklahoma

I was just reading there are only a handful of active wells in the state of Oklahoma. I recently drove thru the state during the second week of October 2020 and stopped counting at 45 operating conventional pumpjacks. My question is, what type of wells are they counting in these state totals? They most certainly can’t be counting these conventional wells because there are a bunch of them running in Oklahoma.

I also know the four wells out of two different pads that I have mineral rights in are still operational and producing royalties albeit very low amounts.

Thanks, Chris

Could you have possibly heard “there are a handful of active RIGS in Oklahoma”?

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I agree with Tracy. There are many, many active producing wells in OK. You were probably hearing a count of active rigs. It has been hovering at about 10-11 for a while. However, there are additional permits still being filed, but they have longer timeframes on them to account for the uncertainty right now. .

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Thanks for the replies! As you know, Baker Hughes has the listing of operational gas and oil rigs which they call the active rig count. So the keyword here is “rigs” I assume. Meaning those that are still in the process of being drilled versus those that are drilled and producing oil and or gas. Active producing wells are different from “active rigs”. Makes sense the active rig count would be used by analysts for market predictions. Thanks for your help! Chris

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