Active Gas well - not receiving payments

I own mineral rights in Grady County, OK on an active gas well lease at 22 9N 8W. I was receiving payments put for the last couple of years I have not receive any monies. Any help on how to proceed so I again can receive the money I am owed?


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There can be several reasons for not getting paid. -the well is finished and there is no more production

-someone moved and forgot to tell the operator where to send the checks.

-an accounting error was made and the royalties were overpaid and in suspense until the balance is even

-the royalty check was returned and the company didn’t bother to follow up on why.

-the well was sold and the new company is really slow in getting their title work done and new checks sent out.

-Covid slow down.

In your case, the Rowe 1 well is not longer in production and has been plugged and abandoned as of Feb 2, 2018, so no royalties to give.

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