Active date correlations to mineral sales

Does a wells active date correlate to a mineral sale date?

I think you are confusing terms. The active date on the gross production site for OK is usually very close to the first sales date of hydrocarbons. If you are talking about the sale of mineral rights, that is a totally different question. If you are talking about another state, you need to post in the state and county and rephrase the question.

Thanks for your response. The active date for the Abbey well 36-23N-05W shows to be 1-15-19. I guess my main question would be when or how long before we would see division orders? There are 2 more wells (Blackburn 1MH and Blackburn 2MH) they both show active dates of 5-3-19. All 3 wells were drilled from 25-23N-05W, if you might have any additional information about these wells it would be greatly appreciated. All 3 wells were drilled by White Star, but now with the news of chapter 11 we’re not sure what to think. Thanks again, your insight is greatly appreciated as we are newbies to this.

Theoretically, you should get the Abbey DO about five-six months after the active date of Jan 15. The Blackburn wells are drilled from a different pad in 25 and you should have DO about five or so months after they go online. However, since it is now June and White Star is in bankruptcy court, they may have difficulty doing them in the correct time frame. The initial Division Order Title Opinion for the first well will take the most time since they have to track hundreds of titles down. So the second two should rely on that first one with minimal changes due to sales, deaths, etc. They will still owe the interest penalty, so give them a few months to catch up and then you can start sending nice certified return receipt letters requesting your interest and payment. When the first sale date misses a check cut date, that can throw the checks into the next month’s payment deck, so I usually cut them a few weeks or months slack before I fuss. They will just owe me more.

MBarnes, Are there any generic form letters available to forum members to use as a template for the letter requesting payment of royalties? I suppose it’s not necessary that the letter be so legal sounding as simply stating obvious facts such as knowledge of the completion and subsequent production of the wells in question along with the simple statement of fact that we are indeed mineral owners in the unit.

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Not really. The most important items to include are your name, address, legal description of your minerals rights, well name and owner number if you have it. Keep copies of all correspondence and send by certified return receipt mail.