Action in section 2?

Any activity in section 2-12n-07w Canadian co.

Pending horizontal well. You should have gotten all the mailings from the OCC.SANFORD 1207 1SMH-2 spud 11/11/2018

Got certified letter to participate in joint operating agreement from chaparral energy but did not participate . Cannot get a hold of them to find how many acres i have. At my wits end.

They know, they just haven’t gotten back to you. Did you get leased or force pooled?

I am not sure. Have got paper work from 2 other companies asking to lease that section if that helps. Would it be a working interest?

You probably have a mineral interest. Usually, they do not spud before they have everything lease. Ask each one of them how many acres they think you have. (Will be a hint if they have done their title work already). If you have never leased before, then read the Mineral Help tab above. There are some clauses that you do not want and some that you will probably want to add to the generic one they put it front of you. You probably do not want to participate as that is not for the novice.