Acreage trades?

I own some acreage in the Delaware Basin and was thinking about how some diversification would be nice. I'm not interested in selling any of my minerals but would definitely be interested in trading some of my acreage on an acre-for-acre basis with others who own in different sections in the same general area so that I could diversify my holdings and spread out my drilling risk across more sections. You think this is something that would be interesting to any other mineral owners?

For example, if I own 15 acres in one section, I would much rather trade 14 of those acres for 1 acre ownerships in 14 different sections. My total ownership - 15 acres - stays the same, but my risk of the acreage not being drilled for a long time goes way down. Just thinking out loud here...

Have you had anymore thoughts on this? I'm intrigued...

I definitely think this idea has merit. I inherited some acreage in the Delaware and have since purchased some more and really like this idea of trading with others to spread the risks in some of the tracts. Feel free to PM me if you are still interested.

An intriguing idea. How about this as a further refinement: instead of trading for keeps, how about using a term assignment to trade for a specific period of time? That way you could trade your acreage for a period of years (or months), receive the income from that trade, and then when the term expires ownership of the traded acreage reverts back to you.

I’m not sure if it would run into problems with Texas law, however.