Acreage questions

I have several leases in the Permian basin, Grady county ok and in Arkansas. Can you tell me the formula to determine the number or parts of acres I owned?

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If you have leases with an operating company, send a certified letter return receipt with a stamped enclosed envelope to their division order department and ask them how many net acres they are carrying for you. You need to give them as much of the legal description as you know and an owner number if you are getting checks. Also ask very nicely for a copy of the Division Order title opinion paragraph that pertains to your lease as you are updating your files.

If you are talking about mineral tracts that are not leased, then you need to find the origination documents such as a deed or a probate which will list the transfer of title. They should be filed in the county clerk’s office of the county in which the minerals are held. If none of the above, then you have some detective work to do. You may have to get a landman to help you.