Acreage in Goliad - How do I lease?

I have 5 acres in Goliad that I know has gas there, what do I do to get a company to see if they would be interested in drilling. Could you tell me what I need to do for that



If your minerals are located in a "hot" area for oil and gas, you should not worry about finding someone to lease your minerals as they will find you. Make sure your contact information is correct at the County Clerk office as this will be their source to contact you. You can always go to the Railroad Commission of Texas website to find out what companies are leasing in your area. Again, make sure your contact info is correct and on file.

Thanks, which I did do, but is there a way to expedite things with a certain company…is that recommended?


I don't know any way to expedite leases. Also keep in mind, if and when you do get an offer, don't sign anything until you have read the fine lines on the lease and understand them. Often, a lessor will be more interested in the bonus money and not pay attention to the % royalty; years the lease will be in effect and other wording which might affect your $ amount years from now if a well is drilled. Go to the top of the page and click on "Mineral Help" and there you will find some tips on leasing.

Dear Mr. Guerrero,

Go to the courthouse and run mineral title to all adjoining tracts of land to yours. Then check for recent leasing activity. If there has been recent leasing activity, contact the lessee and submit your acreage for consideration.

Caution, though. Don't get your hopes up too much. Your acreage is not enough to support a well. There will have to be an existing purchase authority in place for the company to move forward.