Acreage and plats

Can someone please tell me why my gas company has 740 acres filed at the court house but plat says 1000. They just revised my division orders where they were shorting us. i have 3 sets of numbers on acreage. still don’t have that warm fussy feeling.

There could be several reasons, such an amended unit or a sharing/allocation well between a unit and other acreage. Post your question in the state and county and identify the well and operator to get specific help.

Hello again. have another question maybe some has seen. Every document sent to me says 1000 acre unit. I got to looking and the permits are for 704. How do they get away with not paying you for what they leased? One document says unit acres 58,204 and across from that it says called 69,2727the later is what my grandfather paid taxes on for 60 years.don’t add up to me.the 69 is in the middle of the unit.

Without identification of the operator, wells, unit, state and county, it is not possible to answer your question. You should post in the state and county so someone who is familiar with the area can help you.

This is probably a stupid question what do you mean the state and county.

No stupid questions here as we have all been new. There is a Counties tab at the top of the page, which will have a drop-down with all the states. Select the state where your minerals are located, eg Texas, and then pick the county. Describe your question about the acreage, and name the operator, well and unit. And perhaps the section, block, survey or other legal description of your tract. That enables people on this forum to take a look at the permit, plat and unit information and give you a response. It could be that the tract has been re-surveyed and the acreage has changed, or that only a portion of your tract is in the unit. Or this may be an allocation or sharing well and so the production divided between unit and acreage outside the unit. Things do vary from state to state. I find that there are many knowledgeable people on this forum and they will try to help you.

Thank you very much for your help

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