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Hi I was trying to figure out if I have a good deal I have 1000 acres in township 25 south, range 28 east, NMPM section 11;sw/4ne/4, se/4nw/4, ne/4sw4,s/2sw/4, Nw/4se/4 Section 14:nw/4ne/4,s/2ne/4, nw/4, se/4 Section 23: n/2 Their offering 30,000 for ownership of land and mineral rights with no royalties is this a good deal for this area or can I find better? Could use a experienced opinion on the matter if anyone can help

Sell it through and you will probably get a better deal.

Hi Jessiah -

Let me run your legal descriptions past a couple of friends of mine and see what they have to say. Might take a day or two, but don't worry about that. Whoever has made you an offer isn't going to go away soon.

Some lands in New Mexico can be worth up to $40K an acre, unleased.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Jessiah, this is a very good area in my opinion and I wouldn't be surprised if you could possibly get more than the current offer. My friend's company is very active in purchasing minerals in this area and I'd be happy to put you in touch with them if you'd like. I just sent you a friend request.

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Not familiar with your area and don't understand the 30,000. Is this 30,000, $30,000/acre or $30,000 for all of the surface and minerals for your 1000 acres????????????????????? Even if it is $30,000/acre or $30/acre and there is a thought that it is worth that, how would you ever get your royalties if the owner wouldn't lease it? Sounds fishy to me and sounds like you need some excellent legal help in your corner before putting your name on any line.

Good Luck!

Jessiah -

Raw grazing land in your area might be as low as $30 an acre. A similarly sized tract about 20 - 30 miles to the West of you with year around water (large stream or small river of some sort), however, just sold for $75 an acre.

But The Forum is for Mineral Owners and Royalty Owners, so that is what I assumed you were asking the value of, and $30 or even $75 an acre ain't it.

I haven't looked up the specifics yet, so I don't yet know what kind of oil and gas production is being found in the area, but if you will download the attached map, you will see that your 1,000 acres is included in at least 12 Wells that are either producing or have been Permitted, with plenty of room for additional Wells.

Do you own any of your minerals or royalties? Are you currently receiving any royalties?


320-03.MAPSECS111423.pdf (86.9 KB)

Did anybody ever hear back from Jessiah?

Nope, but I am interested in his reply to your questions!


Me too!

Still waiting to hear back from Jessiah. He's out of Anchorage, Alaska, so maybe he doesn't visit The Forum very often.