Acquiring Deeds for Mineral Rights? Section 17, T2N R8W

Hello and thanks in advance for your help!

My grandfather passed away this year and left me a 1/32 interest in minerals that may be produced from Section 17, Township 2 North, Range 8 West in Stephens County.

My Granddad inherited these from his father who passed away in 1991, but he never really explored much about it. He was periodically receiving the royalties from the drilling activity.

I have had a hard time figuring out how to acquire the deed and documents that would establish the ownership. All I have to go on is his Will and Testament, and those of his ancestors who passed it down to him. Looking on the Assessor’s website, it looks like they only have 10 or so documents from before 1995 scanned in, so It doesn’t look like any of this will be on there.

I am also looking for ways to find the lease contracts that I hope are recorded with the county. I know he was receiving checks, so I am hoping to find the scanned contracts to see if we can sell these rights. I can see some wells are operating there today by checking this link: LITTLE JOE(WMHU 2-3)WYLIE#3) 1-17

But I have not been able to get a copy of the oil and gas lease.

Any Ideas?

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for your loss.

Have you tried looking on to find the lease? The online documents only go back so far, but it would be a start. Look under your ancestors names.

Streamline Oil and gas has the Little Joe/Wylie wells now. Chesapeake and Red Earth had them before. The WMHU means the W. Marlow Hoxbar Unit.

Sorry for the loss of you grandfather.
If the property was left to you in a Will, then a probate will be necessary to get this into “pay status”.
In uncontested matters this can often be done on a flat fee without the need to make court appearances.

Thanks for you advice everyone. I got a landman in stephens county to help with the record search since these documents are too old to be available online. I will update this thread with the results in case it’s useful for anyone else.

You should also run an unclaimed property search in the state where your ancestors resided as well as Oklahoma.

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