Acers left out of leas

I will try to keep this short, in 2016 I signed a lease with EQT on my 24 acers in 2020 they put 4 acers in a unit also in 2020 the re signed{sent me a check} for what I thought was the remaining acreage 19 but the amount was no right so after going back and forth for a few months it seems they only paid me for 11 of my remaining acers [which are not in a unit yet] without asking me or even signing a new lease. My question is seeing that they leased all of my acreage the first time don’t they have to reup my remaining acers? Tom

Hello 1967

Need a little more info to help. You signed a lease in 2016, was it only for the term of 3 years? or 5 years? Did you have a renewal clause in your lease? If they’re unitizing you, did they give you a unit name? When you negotiated your lease with EQT, did you have them put a PUGH clause into your lease? A township and unit name would help me with your question.


It was a 5 year lease signed in February 2016 no pugh, in February 2020 4 acers were put in the carpenter 6 unit in Greene County center township in November they paid us or resigned us for 11 of our remaining 19 acres after couple months talking to them they said that they only pay for 11 cause that’s all they need but my initial lease I thought covered all my property. They never said that they unitized my 11 acres they said they were going to. I asked them to send me information regarding the units or pool or at least a letter stating that the remaining 8 acres are available to lease with another co.but I have received nothing. It just seems to me that if my initial lease was for all my property then this one would also. Trying to keep this simple as possible without writting and book about it. Lol

1967, Can you provide a tax map parcel number and/or last name on the lease? I can research this a lot better.

Thank you.

I would rather not. There are too many eyes

I understand.

Thank you.

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