ACE Energy mineral acquisition problems

Made a deal with ACE Energy in Oct 2019 to sell minerals in Love county OK, signed all the papers, but they never paid and they will not return any phone calls. Deal was with a guy named Chad Lake who apparently is part owner of the company. Anyone else had problems with this company? I would assume our deal is now dead.

Did you send a signed deed? Did you have a draft payment letter with certain time lines on it. If so, then read the clauses. If they have not been met, then send a certified letter return receipt and request the return of your deed. Good lesson to never turn over a deed or a lease without getting fully paid at the time of transaction.

Go on and see if the deed is filed. If so, then you may have a bigger issue at hand.

Deed does not appear to have been filed. Thanks for the advice, I will consider the certified letter. This concerned only 5 acres, even so don’t care for their unresponsive behavior. If they have changed their mind, they should just say so.