Accounts in suspense

Where can I find a good oil and gas lease attorney that I can trust around Proctor in Wetzel county? We have some issues with our accounts in suspense with Southwestern. We inherited some property, that we were contacted about by the land man a few years ago. Since then, we have leased it. It has producing wells now, but apparently EDCO bought it in an auction, before any of this, due to unpaid taxes? No one ever contacted any of us. I have heard there must be a diligent search for any heirs before that can happen, and there wasn’t. Southwestern had no problem finding us. The accounts are still in suspense and we just received a current tax bill for 2022. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

My family is currently using Alex Miller (Miller Law Offices) in Fairmont. We have been happy with his services.

Miller Law Offices, PLLC

1114 Speedway Avenue, Suite 2

Post Office Box 2116

Fairmont, West Virginia 26555-2116

(304) 366-0822

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Thank you so much! I called and left a message. Hopefully we can get things figured out

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