Account in suspense

Can anyone direct me on this matter? We were contacted by a land man for SouthWestern a couple of years ago about being heirs to our Granfathers land in West Virginia, that we had no idea he had. They wanted to lease the land to drill for natural gas. After doing our research, we signed the papers and since then, they have put several producing wells there. We then found out our account is in suspense because the taxes weren’t paid, so it was auctioned off to a company called EDCO. They said they looked for us but no one was ever contacted. My Aunt has lived in the same house for 50 years. They didn’t look very hard. Southwestern had no problem finding us but EDCO, who bought our land in a tax auction, never could. Our accounts are still in suspense, but we just received a tax bill for 2022 on it from the sheriffs office treasurer. I read that the land can’t be sold without a diligent search, which was never done. How can I straighten this out? I don’t want to just throw up my hands in defeat on this, when I feel it wasn’t handled honestly. Southwestern still has us as owners (each individual heir) with our account in suspense. If the sheriff treasurer recognizes us as owners and sends a tax bill, doesn’t that clearly show ownership?
How can I get this straightened out? Please help point me in the right direction. Any info is very much appreciated.

Suggest that you find a WV attorney to help you straighten it out.

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