Access to the land

Does the ownership of an ORRI provide the owner with the right to access the site?



Agree with Robert P. Malone, Justin A. what is the basis for saying "nope"? Do you know this or does it vary state by state or lease by lease? If it varies, what is the pertinent lease clause in a Federal Lease, State Lease, etc.? What should the ORRI holder look for in the lease?

An overriding royalty interest is an interest in produced minerals, not an ownership interest in the minerals. Lawyers will say that it is a non-corporeal interest in production.

Therefore, there is no right of ingress and egress to the acreage.

Justin A was correct. Nope is the correct answer. Applies to all states, UNLESS there is an agreement with the mineral owners and they surface owners which grant such access. Ok

Buddy Cotten


And also as a practical matter, even if technically an override DID grant you ingress, good luck rolling up onto a Devon drilling location and claiming that your 0.02345 ORRI grants you the right to hang out on the rig floor…

Thanks for the info.