Access to Sec 46 lot 41 blk 34 htc ward county, tx

Can anyone in this form tell me what road I can use to access my property? Sec 46 lot 41 blk 34 htc ward county, TX. It seems all roads in have gates. This seems to be the best GPS coordinates I have. 31.422389, -103.015722

Many thanks to anyone and all who can help me.

When you say YOUR property, do you mean land that you actually own? or do you only own the mineral rights?

I own the land. It looks like FM1776 may be an access but I do not know.

Well, I’m afraid I know nothing about access roads in Texas. My mineral rights are in Oklahoma and I have little enough knowledge even in that state. I see you asked a question about this property back in December and were given a bit of information and advice. If you followed though on that advice and are still stuck, I’d suggest you should post your current very specific question in the section of the forum for Texas and your county (Ward), rather than in the general discussion section. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to answer questions, so don’t get discouraged. Good luck with it.

Partner, I had a similar situation and lets see, I inherited 45 Acres of Island, Yes just outside Ennis Texas. When I decided to sell it after years of making a ton of money as share farmer, I discovered that I could not get to my land, as the Farmer that I share farmed with, and taken that easement and it became his over the years??? That farmer and his next door neighbor were feuding, so instead of him giving me the easement back, he made me asked his feuding neighbor to give me permission to cross his land, then another owner I had to asked to cross his land, and then one more absentee owner. Before we could close, I had to introduce the buyer of the 45 acres to the farmers, as they thought a mobile home park was coming. That all Said, I can’t say how Thankful I am to have used A Great Attorney, and the Peace of mind is Unbelievable. Chris