Abundance Of Landmen (And, Landwomen) In Certain County Offices

Not one to lend to supposition, what should the sudden abundance of landmen (landwomen, also) in certain County offices on a daily basis indicate to the inexperienced layperson mineral rights owner, such as myself? :-)


It means someone is taking an interest in the area. Lets see; Right of Way project(s) (pipeline, fiber optic, utilities, HWY, etc), Natural Resource Exploration (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Lignite, etc), Large real estate project…

In my opinion, it can mean a lot of things.

Thanks, Mr. Preston. :slight_smile:


Mr. Preston,

That may be accurate if the landmen are representing different clients. From my experience, there is little to no correlation between number of landmen and bonus amount.

The most important factor is how many different operators are being represented by those landmen.

JC, Independent Petroleum Landman

Landmen, no such thing as a landwoman…


You are of course correct.

I always liked the term "Land Ma'am" best. Appeared to me to be Texas chivalry at its best.

PS. Landman is an old, old, contraction of the term Land Manager, or land management. Has no reference to gender.

It could get out of hand. Landgays and landlezzies. I like the term Vault Monkey.

I’m with you Buddy. Vault Monkey is indeed most appealing and fitting.