Abstract purchase and estimate of cost

I am curious as to where I can purchase an up to date copy of the abstract of my property in Lincoln County Oklahoma. Also does anyone know an estimate of what it would cost to obtain a copy? Thank You

At the Lincoln County Abstract Company. Cost is totally dependent on the complexity of the title & how many documents there are. You should have received one when you bought your property. You might check with the previous owner.

Abstract & Guaranty has did work for us. We gave a granddaughter ten acres that we had surveyed and they created an abstract for her going back to the land run days. They told us we didn’t need to update the remaining 135 ac on that farm until we actually needed to for sale or good reason, so they didn’t try to gouge us on that. Hers was $800, recreated for the ten acres, yours may not need changes. Some are $500. The girls at this office would be able to look yours up by the legal and tell you their approximate cost, I’d think. I think it was two weeks to get it done. Here is their link, and there are a couple of others in Chandler but we haven’t used them. This is across from the courthouse.

Thank you so much for your input. Thanks everyone

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